‘Let’s Talk Awkward’ : A Student’s Effort to Break Wall of Awkward Silence on Periods

Menstruation is an uncomfortable process. Not just for women because of the bloody pain, but also for the society, as no one wants to talk about it.

Karan Luthra who?
Karan Luthra in a still from video. Picture Courtesy: www.facebook.com/karanluthrawho/

Karan Luthra, a 20-year-old from Ludhiana (Punjab) has taken on the responsibility of breaking centuries-old stereotypes that have been leeching on to our society.

This guy understands the awkwardness that surrounds words like ‘sex’ and ‘periods’ in our households, which made him come up with the idea of Let’s Talk Awkward–a video series about the things we’re “not supposed to talk about at home”.

“Periods, ssshhhhh, hawwww, this is how we react hearing this word. I know half of the audience will switch off this video hearing the word periods. But girls, please chill. We know there is something called periods and it is absolutely normal. Stop being embarrassed about it,” says Luthra is his video awareness message.

 Watch Karan’s full video here:

We still live in a time when Instagram feels entitled enough to take down the photo of a woman because her period stain is visible. This is why it’s important that the youth of this country take the responsibility on their shoulders, just like this guy has. We hope that someday period will no longer be a hushed-up topic and girls won’t have to hide.

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