What Life has Taught Me So Far! – Life Changing Experience of a CA

He is so talented man!!! I wish I had a talent like him
I wish I was lucky as he is, he always gets through all situations because of his luck always favouring him.

We often get to hear such statements by people surrounding us and sometimes we too feel the same as well. But, what we don’t think about is that it is the same for all of us. It must have been the same for all those lucky people out there or talented people out there who must have had started their journey to excellence from scratch when they had nothing except their dreams.

I would like to share with you all a few incidents and experiences of my life which changed my perceptions on several things and helped me to grow in my life as well.

We all have desires in our life to accomplish something one day in our life. I am no exception to it as well. I have always been a big fan of gaming since my childhood days, be it on PC or video games. I was always addicted to it and would sit glued in front of TV or computer to play games endlessly all throughout the day. Such was my addiction to it, that my parents were always concerned when would I get rid of it and would focus on other things in life. But apart from playing games I also had it in the back of my mind to develop my own game one day.

As time passed by, I learned that developing games from scratch needs a lot of basic knowledge on several things which demanded much time and interest to learn as well. So I was not excited enough to put it through at all until one day I decided to give it a try. What followed it were one of the best days in my life which I cherish till date. The whole process of developing my first ever game from scratch till a playable one took 7 days of time and lots of efforts to make it through. There were days in between that when I felt like I am unable to move onto the next step and felt like quitting on it and not go any further but somehow I stuck to my desire that never let me quit and I finally made it after 7 days.

Believe me guys, those 7 days I learned a very valuable lesson of life, No matter how tough the situation is in any phase of life if you are determined enough you can make it through. You will always win big if you just do not give up”.

The feeling that you get when you achieve the impossible is something that can’t be explained and it changes your entire thought process as well. After that, I made 2 more games but this time I had a lot of fun developing it as well!!!

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Another experience which boosted a lot of confidence in me was back in 2015. I remember the day when the reading was 96 kilos on the scale and I was terrified of it as I had grown fat within a short span of time due to several reasons. But it was quite evident that I needed to work out as soon as possible to reduce weight. But the thought of exercising every day with a planned diet needed a tremendous amount of effort and one needed to be sincere in the effort as well. I set up my mind to start the exercise every day and chose to run every day at evening time.

The first week was really painful and I had the urge of not continuing it any further and I was really worried about how I will be able to make it through till the end if that was the condition in the very first week. But I knew if I had to get back in shape I needed to continue it no matter what may come my way and thus I stuck to it and didn’t let it go and what followed was a continuous effort of 6 months of regular exercise along with a strict diet every day due to which I could reduce my weight till 72 kilos one day.

Again I realized that “Nothing can beat persistence and perseverance in life and there is no substitute for it ever”.

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Another incident worth sharing is when I was appearing for CA exams, I had prepared hard for all the papers except one which was uninteresting and completely theoretical. I had started reading it a week before the exams. When the exams started, 2 papers out of 3 were decent and I was hopeful to get through those 2 with good marks. But I was really worried about the 3rd.It was this paper due to which many had failed earlier and it is believed to be the toughest one being completely theoretical. So when I came back home after appearing for the second paper, I was praying to god to let me pass somehow and create a miracle so that I will clear all the 3 papers eventually. But, then I realized that success comes at a cost always and I had to make sure that I put in my best efforts possible in the 1-day gap before the 3rd exam. Those 2 days that followed post 2nd exams were one of the days’ worth remembering in my life so far and I knew if I cleared this time I would be eligible for next phase and wouldn’t have to wait for another 6 months to reappear in case I failed. Failure was no option at that point of time and failure would have meant all the hard work put in till that point of time would have been for nothing and I would have had to restart everything from scratch. I read with serious intentions and appeared for the exam.

I would say I literally toiled hard to sit for the 3 hours for the entire duration of the paper. When I left the exam hall after the exam I felt as if I had faced a battle and was feeling really dizzy and heaviness in my head. I felt as if I couldn’t have given a better attempt than this. When the results were about to be declared I just prayed god one last time to just let me pass in this paper as I was a bit confident for other papers.

To my disbelief, I secured highest marks in the 3rd exam among all those 3 papers and I passed with a good score at the end. 

That made me believe that “Hard work never goes in vain and it’s never too late to start anything in life”.

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Sanat Biswal

CA Finalist | Foodie | Crazy After Games | Avid Reader | Optimistic | Motivator

Sanat Biswal

CA Finalist | Foodie | Crazy After Games | Avid Reader | Optimistic | Motivator

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