From ‘Chaupal’ Classes to Building a College – Inspiring as Hell

A teacher’s noble initiative that started off with holding classes at a village ‘Chaupal’ in Rampur has led to setting up of an intermediate college with a strength of 1,320 students. 

Chaupal classes
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Saran, who is about 70-years-old, decided to hold classes for the village children at the ‘Chaupal’ adjacent to his residence. He started off with five or six children but the word of mouth popularized the classes and within a span of a few months the strength of his class rose to 150. Encouraged by the response, he developed the ‘Chaupal’ classes into a formal school, built on his 4 acres of agricultural land in 1975 which also received a junior high school recognition.

His son and daughter, both qualified teacher, were also involved in the initiative. With 21 other teaching staff members, the school received recognition of an inter college in 2009.

As a tribute to the long years of Saran’s struggle and dedication, it was named Keshav Inter College.

‘chaupal’ classes

Currently, 1320 students are enrolled in the school, including 670 girls.

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