Crisis in the Grand Old Party : Needs Another Mahatma NOT the “Gandhi’s”

On the year of 1893 a skinny brownie Indian was thrown out of the train at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa due to his refusal of moving from the first class coaches where he was not allowed because of his skin colour which didn’t match with the British. He started a revolution against the discrimination, returned to the land where he belongs, made the people realise that they can’t be slaves anymore & the fight for freedom in India starts.

A party with the name of “Indian National Congress” was born for the purpose. It was the freedom from the ‘Raj’ the self-made dictator of human beings all across the globe through colonialism. People of India called him ‘Bapu’, honoured him with the title “Mahatma” and then the legacy continues.

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But now after 100 years the fragrance of Gandhi is abandoned. It’s being replaced with a family made of a bunch of power hunger minuscule minded people carries nothing but nepotism with the surname of Gandhi. From the Emergency in 1975 to the high scale corruptions & scandals of 21st century all are just the dishes of their glorified servitude to the country, the citizens enjoying in the big plateau.

Reality of Indian Poltics

The left –centre ideology is being replaced with the pseudo-liberal Sickular ideologies of protesting and criticizing every odds of the government doesn’t matter what it was made for, whether a surgical strike on Pakistan or a demonetization even the Swachh Bharat wasn’t spared. The onus is in the hand of a “Shehezada” who spends the holidays in Europe & asking for the votes by showing his self-torn Kurta. The comrades are in no mood of self-realisation & reclamation other than abusing the government or cursing the prime minister. True ideologist senior leaders are being missed out from decision making bodies, monopoly agendas of the Gandhi siblings being taken place, pluralism is something i.e. now untouchable .

Reality of Indain Politics
Think… Think… Rethink.

The country is now heading to be ruled by a opposition less right wing congress-mukt-government, but what about the fringes they carry within the party in the name of hard core Hindus’ balance can be made when there is a perfect opposition be placed to question the govt on behalf of public interest not its own.

A party with the tagline of ‘India against corruption’ came up under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal but it also losing it’s ground now due to the same kind of opportunistic politics it relies upon as congress and other regional parties. People are being admirers of Namo’s pragmatic views & developmental ideas with the social engineering of Amit shah, which left them with none other than the BJP to vote for.

So, now the time comes up in congress for reminding the BAPU and ruling out of the PAPU. The party should restructure itself on the principle of “Gandhi” which of course ‘Mahatma’ not ‘Rahul’.

The ideas must return. Pluralism must replace monopoly. Democracy should take place within the party.

Politics Comeback
Comeback, Good Days!

The dynastic politics must be replaced with cadre based politics & a leader with views of social reformation & nationalistic interest should put forward, who may be a rescuer for congress.

Kallola Mishra

Engineer | Interested in Politics, History | Patient & Calm | Social | Traveller | Brainy

Kallola Mishra

Engineer | Interested in Politics, History | Patient & Calm | Social | Traveller | Brainy

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