Being an Only Child is a Disease in Itself – The Only Child Syndrome is Obnoxious

“Being an only child is a disease in itself”, Granville Stanley Hall, the first president of the American Psychological Association, said at a lecture in 1907.

There is a syndrome known as “the only child syndrome”. Supposedly, children with no siblings have a habit of getting much attention from their parents since their childhood days. They turn into an Obnoxious and they are assumed to have grown into strange and at the same time self-confident adults who are unable to compromise in a relationship.

The Only Child Syndrome

A rubbish concept, really. I would say that being an only child has a negligible effect on who you are, and you certainly do not need to ‘get rid of it’. Everything in our environment affects how we develop, and who we become. There are many variables which influence us – culture, language, school, upbringing, genetics etc.

A friend of mine claims that only-children are always a bit ‘weird‘. But it just isn’t true. I know plenty of weird people with siblings, and sometimes their siblings are weird as well.

Weird Kid

Weird is undefinable, anyway. I suppose an argument could be that only children don’t develop the same social skills, or learn how to share. But it really is utter nonsense. These can be picked up elsewhere – from friends, at school, through activities, and just through life in general.

Who knew that being an only child, which is something a child has absolutely no control over, could label this child a problem for society?

If the syndrome explains single child as these then I would say there is always another side of the coin. Children who are a single child are very good at making friends and building a quick friendship. They have a quality of taking initiative to make friends which are a valuable skill to have in life. And they have a tendency of spending much time with them. Which many people may found it a CON but it helps the child in long run. Since knowing which habits work for them, other than relying on their older siblings leads them to succeed throughout their life.

Child Being Socially Alone and Lonely

But this also makes them a kind of a stereotype because usually they have a habit of getting a lot of attention and resources for their development, so it makes them more overindulged which differ themselves significantly from children with siblings.

And only-children are exposed to more with the adult conversation which makes them more mature quickly as compared to the children having a sibling.

Playing With Children

Although there is no conclusion of which one is the better, being an only child or having a sibling. At the end, the thing that matters for all the ages is that to not be afraid of being an individual.

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