What We Miss Most Nowadays – Our Unforgettable Childhood Memories

It was an early Sunday morning when I watched a few kids playing around in front of my home, the game of Hide n Seek that had me in my thoughts.

All those grown past the childhood days have only one prominent goal among other goals, “Earn Money to Lead a Better Life and be Independent” and I can associate myself to the same as well. But what are the things that I miss out during these days.

Earn money to lead a better life and independent
Water? WOW, Excitement increased

As I continued watching those kids playing I was lost reminiscing some of the fond memories of my days of tender age when the days were filled with playing another good knock in game of Cricket or getting across to another level in the video game that I had left the day before. Even though studies consumed a good amount of time everyday at school, but I would wait anxiously for the clock to strike at 4, for that was the time when I was free and could let go of my worries to exhibit myself with my friends.

What we miss these days about our childhood
The most entertaining one.

Those were the days that would always be etched in my memory forever and the friendship that grew in that time would always remain as an everlasting bond too. I was born in the 90’s when Shaktimaan was the prime show on National Television at noon and the likings among the cartoons had Pokemon, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo to name a few. I would sit glued to the TV for the shows hours after hours without a trace of time.

There were a lot of physical activities involving games like Hide n Seek, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, and Hit The Man Out etc. unlike these days among kids and I remember being scolded several times by my parents for my lack of concentration in studies although I had decent grades throughout my schooling. But the fun and frenzy that came up along each game was unmatched with anything else.

Happy kids during happy childhood days
Anything cuter than this?

Cricket was a craze for all at that time which even continues today and nothing could beat the anticipation and the excitement with each match played at that time. I remember we used to celebrate each festival and pujas with detailed planning in advance for who would be targeted to our pranks and mischief so that nothing would go as unplanned.

That was a time when I used to wait for greeting cards especially during New Year occasions and the birthdays used to be special events for distribution of sweets and chocolates to my friends apart from parties back at home, the messages delivered had a personal touch to it and that was mainly through inland letters and postal cards unlike the virtual world of Facebook, WhatsApp we live in today.

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The spare time at home was used up mainly by playing video games. Riding out in bicycles and racing to the finishing line as first among friends gave much pleasure. I used to pick mangoes from trees and savor the taste of it with pickle and salt during summer time. While being in school the first thing that would come up in mind is whether any teacher was absent or not and if it’s the luck, then we would pray to god for letting PET (Physical Education Teacher) teacher take the class and we all would enjoy playing outside. The feeling of wrapping up the notebooks in new rolling sheets with stickers on top it was a different feeling.

Playing with bubbles during childhood
Ahha! Those bubbles. <3

Everyday I used to fight with my brother for a new pencil or eraser which belonged to me that he had taken away from me without my notice. The chewing gums like Big Babol or Boomers were favored over others not mainly because I liked it but also due to the fact that they had stickers free on that. I was also very superstitious when it came to studies and I remember placing my books and the entire compass box in front of gods and goddesses to seek their blessings before the exams. On some of the days I would also occasionally fly kites around feeling the cool breeze of air gushing in and that would set the entire day for me. I am quite sure many of you would be able to correlate your childhood days quite similar to mine as well.

Coming back to the present when I compare my current situation to the past during the childhood days I find a drastic change in the current scenario with all the stress and tension associated with today. While the day begins with fighting against time to make it into office in time for the day, the day would end up about thinking about what challenges lie ahead for the very next day. While all this do teach me a great deal of the struggle and rewards behind every phase of it, but today when I sit back and think of those days gone by I realize that my childhood days were surely one of the best times of my life and would never come back.

Childhood memories and loneliness of today
Today’s Loneliness 🙁

Such is our pace of life nowadays that we hardly happen to revisit those glorious days of past due to lack of time. It’s my request to all the readers who happen to read this to find some time in their busy schedules and relive those wonderful memories which made you the person you are today.

Your thoughts are awaited on the story. 

Sanat Biswal

CA Finalist | Foodie | Crazy After Games | Avid Reader | Optimistic | Motivator

Sanat Biswal

CA Finalist | Foodie | Crazy After Games | Avid Reader | Optimistic | Motivator

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