World’s First Braille SmartWatch Explained Quickly

In today’s world of smartphones and smart gadgets, we get access to any information at fingertips, either calls, messages, news or any other information. But it’s unfair for the people who are visually impaired, isn’t it?

A South Korean company called Dot has been created a Smartwatch for the people who are visually impaired. It’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

The watch is crowned to be the world’s first Braille Smartwatch. Like other wearable devices, the new watch can also be wore and it includes functions like showing time, getting directions, receiving text messages and displaying social media notifications. The main great thing about the Smartwatch is that : It uses Refreshable Braille Display and so is called Dot Watch.

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While reading messages and social media notifications, the screen shows only 4 characters at a time. The user starts reading the text by touching the Braille characters and as the hand reaches to the end, the screen automatically refreshes and the remaining characters of the message/notification gets loaded to the screen. The device can be connected to any other devices via Bluetooth.

World's First Braille Smartwatch

The company Dot Inc. has received 140,000 pre-orders from 13 different countries and the estimated price of the device is $200 USD (According to BigThink). The Smartwatch will start shipping out from this April 2017. According to a estimation around 285 million people will get benefitted from this amazing invention.

Here’s a video of describing the same…

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