Use WhatsApp to Store Documents and Bookmarks Privately in a Vault

What if I tell you that WhatsApp offers a cloud storage to store your important documents?

Well, I’m just kidding but I have just discovered a mind blowing trick to store your important documents (PDFs, Images, Short Videos, GIFs etc. ) in WhatsApp and that too privately.

Here’s what that trick is about.

I’m gonna explain the trick to you step-by-step, have patience.

  • Open WhatsApp and create a new group.

Create a New Group in WhatsApp


  • Add any one friend from your contact list and name the group anything you want and save.

Add Any Contact to the WhatsApp Group from Your Contact List

  • Now open the group you just created and remove the added person from the list of participants.

Remove the Person from Your Group's Participants List of WhatsApp

Congratulations! Your work is over now. You have successfully created a vault (store) in WhatsApp which is visible only to you.

Benefits of the Vault

  • You can privately store any documents like PDFs, Pictures, Scanned Documents, Videos, Ideas, Voice Notes and everything else which WhatsApp supports.

You can store any documents privately in WhatsApp

  • This can be used to quickly transfer Links, Pictures, PDFs, Texts etc. from your PC to smartphone and vice versa by using WhatsApp Web ( from your PC’s browser.
  • Any web link can be bookmarked in the group easily.
  • You can also search the documents you want from the private vault you just created by using the WhatsApp search feature.

If someone sends you any file in WhatsApp which you find to be important, just forward that to your private vault and use it when needed.

The trick is really cool, isn’t it? 

That’s it.

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