For Sure, Men Don’t Exist Without Women – Here’s Why!

As others say and of course, I also agree with them

“Women are the Most Beautiful Creation on the Earth by the God.”

RapidoRead Women - God's Creation

As a daughter, she shows her respect. She makes feel her warmth in the form of a friend, shows her care in the form of a sister and as a mother, she tops the list in showering love. There is a saying, “Where a woman is treated well that place turns into heaven.”

Nobody sees the pain she bears for 9 months when she carries her child within her. Nobody sees the pain that she bears when she gives birth to her child. She keeps all those pain within herself. But she never complains that she bears that much pain. In modern society, there are many couples those are adopting a child, we may say that she gave nothing for her family but by adopting a child she gives a family to that child and from that moment she is the mother of that child forever.

RapidoRead Woman as Mother

For a working man, his wife/mother plays a very important role. He wakes up in morning and goes to work so easily just because of the help of his wife/mother and in the evening when he comes from work they properly take care of him. But in that case, if he has no wife no mother then he has to do those all. He feels lonely there no one is to take care of them.

RapidoRead Woman as Wife

After marriage, a woman has to perform so many roles. In one moment she becomes a cook for the whole family while in other she performs the role of a daughter in law. In a moment she performs the role of a wife, while in other she becomes the mother. She does her duties so well that she never makes her husband or other family members feel that she is unable for that. And of course, I am really giving a salute for the working woman those who controls both office and family.

As a sister might be she is naughty for his brother /sister, might be she fights with them, but she is so caring her brother and sister. I have a sister, I realize how many fights we have usually, but she always cares for me. I love my sister. She is simply amazing and I just couldn’t imagine my life without her.

RapidoRead Woman as Sister

As a daughter, she takes care of her parents. She respects her parents all throughout her life. She sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face. At the time of necessity, she takes all the responsibility of the family.

But I think a woman is not perfect. She has one drawback! Can you guess what it is?

She Often Forgets What She Is Worth.

Every woman has her own story; we may say that she is like this or that but beyond all these bullshits, She is a woman – Respect Her.

Asutosh Patra

Fell in Love with Physics | Watches Movies | Listens to Music | Passionate About Writing

Asutosh Patra

Fell in Love with Physics | Watches Movies | Listens to Music | Passionate About Writing

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